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Spa Facials
Maintaining Healthy Skin
Facials & exfoliation treatments should be alternating to keep healthy cell on skin. We recommend scheduling a facial once a month to keep your skin looking its best. Your esthetician is skilled at providing deep cleansing, exfoliation and facial massage to stimulate blood circulation and help muscle tone.the custom mask to nourish and proper moisturization that is essential for maintaining healthy skin, preventing pore blocking and premature aging.

Using the Right Products for Your Skin 
Our professional Estheticial will assist you to choose the right home care system to meet your skin type. Facials are the best way to keep a skin "glow" that you'll notice after each treatment. Keep in mind that pore clogging will cause black and white heads that upset your skin's pH. Nourish your skin with home care products that work WITH your regular facials.

Express Facial (40 minute treatment)
Treatment includes deep pore cleansing, steam, exfoliation, massage and mask
Acne Treatment Facial (50-60 minute treatment)
Treatment includes deep pore cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extraction and acne mask
Classic European Facial (60 minute treatment)
Treatment includes deep pore cleansing, steam, Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel, extraction, 20-minute face, neck, scalp, upper chest, uper arm and shoulder massage and customized mask, toning and moisturizing
Diamond Facial (60 minute treatment)
Treatment includes deep cleansing, Apha Hydroxy Acid peel, microdermabrasion and customized mask, toning and moisturizing
Deluxe Facial (75 minutes treatment)
Treatment includes both Diamond and Classic European Facial procedures combined
Alpha Hydroxy Peel to any facial (addition charge) $15 

Galvanic anti-aging facial treatment
steam, deep cleansing, exfoliate, the ageloc serum penetrates & cleans skin at the deepest level, galvanic system removes fine lines instantly after first treatment, includes mask and moisturizer
Pumpkin Peel Facial  (50 minute treatment)
steam, deep cleansing, pumpkin peel mask, facial massage, custom mask nourishes the skin, toner and moisturizer, sunblock required
Back Treatment (60 minute treatment)
Deep clean exfoliation,extraction treatment includes 20-minute massage and moisturizer.

Mole Removal
Remove tags, moles, freckles, age spots, birth marks and sun spots. 
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GREEN PEEL® - Herbal Peel

Anti-aging the sweet way...

With the GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling treatment - the biological peeling treatment geared to ensure smoother, fresher, clearer skin.  The original method developed by Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio is 
  • Natural
  • Medically developed
  • Based on plants and herbs and
  • Has been applied for over 40 years worldwide with great success

Outstanding success achieved in the treatment of

  • wrinkles, premature aging of the skin
  • skin impurities, enlarged pores
  • tired looking skin with poor circulation
  • sun damaged skin
  • skin disolorations
  • striae (stretch marks from pregnancy)
  • loss of elasticity of the skin on the upper arms, thighs and belly
  • general skin rejuvenation and regeneration

During the special massage with the GREEN PEEL® herbal mixture, a slight abrasion of the skin's upper layers is achieved.  The growth zone of the skin is thereby stimulated to generate healthy new cells resulting in a visible regeneration of the skin.

DEEP PEEL New skin in 5 days! 
    -Includes one month home care and follow-up facial
 Green Herbal Mini Peel  (mini face lift) 3 times equalvalence 1 deep      peel $150
           NEW at POSHE!

    Thermo Anti-Aging Facial

Rejuvenate skin elasticity and restore skin fullness with a combination exfoliation and deeply penetrating serum treatment.  The most recent breakthrough treatment in skincare, the thermo heat facial machine, uses the action of high frequency to invigorate circulation by stimulating cells beneath the skin.  This gentle facial treatment activates circulation and collagen with the facial, neck and shoulder thru massage, steam, micro scrub exfoliation and a nutrient skin-enhancing serum.  After only one thermo anti-aging facial you can see the change, your skin becomes more radiant and has a new healthy glow.

  • Fades hyper pigmentation
  • Diminishes fine lines
  • No down time and no worries about overly aggressive skin treatment
  • Tones and tightens skin
  • Refreshes and smoothes the skin appearance

 Thermo Anti-aging Facial   $80